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Toner Refill

Apple | Brother | Canon | Dell | Epson | Fujitsu | Hewlett Packard | IBM/Lexmark 
Minolta | NEC | Okidata | Panasonic | Samsung | Sharp | Xerox

We can refill your empty toner cartridges.  Get
5% off when you drop off and pick up your cartridges at our Lansdowne Centre kiosk.

We have dropped our prices!  Please call for the lastest prices and our volume discount programs for businesses.
OEM Parts No. Machine Model Price

M1960G/A Laserwriter Select 300/310/360/610 Call
M4683G/A Laserwriter 12/640 Call
M2045G/A Personal Laserwriter 300/320, 4/600 Call

TN100PF HL630/660 Call
TN5000PF Fax 2300-2500ML/3550/3650/
MFC 4450/4500/4550/5500/6550/7650
TN200/300 HL720/730/760/1020/1040/1050/1060 Call
TN250 Fax 2800/2900/3800  MFC4800/6800 Call
TN430 HL1030/1230/1240/1250/1270N/1440/1450/1470 Call
TN430 refilled as TN460 HL1030/1230/1240/1250/1270N/1440/1450/1470 (High Yield) Call
TN460 HL1030/1230/1240/1250/1270N/1440/1450/1470 (High Yield) Call
TN530/560 HL1650/1670/1850/1870 Call
TN540/570 HL5140/5150/5170/MFC8220/8440/8840/DCP8040/8045 Call
Drum Unit - Rebuild DR200/250/300/400/500 Call

* No discount for toner replacement kits

EP-S LBP-811/811R/811T/8111/8111R Call
EP-L LBP-4/4L/4+/LXP110/LBP-LX Call
EP-P LBP-PX/430 Call
EP-A LBP-AX/460/660 Call
EP-E Laser 860/LBP Call
FX-1 FaxL700 to 790, L3300/3301 Call
FX-2 Fax 600/5000/5500/7050/7500 Series Call
FX-3 Fax380/MPL 6000/4000/4500IF Call
FX-4 Fax 8500/9000/9500 Call
FX-V Fax L800/LC8000 Call
FX-6 LC 3170/3175 Call
FX-7 Laser Class 700 series Call
A15/A30 PC1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/65 Call
A20 PC10/14/20/24/25 Call
E16/20 PC300/310/325/330/430/700/920/980 Standard Call
E16/20 refill as E31/40 PC700/920/980 High Capacity Call
E31/40 PC700/920/980 High Capacity Call
L50 PC1060/1080 / D680 / D880 (refill only) Call
L50 PC1060/1080 (refill with a new drum, recommended) Call
S35 D320 / D340 Call
X25 MF3110 Call
F100 PC850/870 Call
NP1010 NP1010/1020 Call
NP1500 NP1500 Call

310-5416/541 1600n Call
P1500 Call
310-5401/5402 1700/P1700 Call
310-4133/4134 M5200N Call
310-3548/3674 S2500 Call
310-4572/4587 W5300N Call


S051011/16 Action Laser 1000/1500/1600 Call
S051023 Action Laser 1100/1400 Call
S050002 Action laser II Call
S050009 Epson L7000 Call


PP10T PrintPartner 10/10V/14V/20W Call

Hewlett Packard

C7115A Laserjet 1000, 1200, 1220, 3300 series Call
C7115X High Yield Call
C7115 Jumbo C7115 Jumbo fill, with 133% more toner than Standard Call
Q2612A Laserjet 1010/1012/1015/1020/3015/3020/3030 Call
C4092A / AX Laserjet 1100/1100A/3200 Call
Q5949A Laserjet 1160/1320 Call
Q2613A Laserjet 1300 series Call
Q2613X Laserjet 1300 series High Yield Call
C4096A Laserjet 2000/2100/2200 Series (refill toner only) Call
C4096A Laserjet 2000/2100/2200 Series (refill with a new drum) Call
Q2610A Laserjet 2300 Series Call
Q6511A/X Laserjet 2400 Series Call
C4127A Laserjet 4000/4050 Series Call
C4127X Laserjet 4000/4050 Series High Yield Call
C8061A Laserjet 4100 Series Call
C8061X Laserjet 4100 Series High Yield Call
Q1338A Laserjet 4200 Series Call
Q1339A Laserjet 4300 Series Call
C4129X Laserjet 5000/5100 Series Call
C4182X Laserjet 8100 Series Call
92285 / CX Laserjet I Call
92295A / SX Laserjet II/IID/III/IIID Call
92275A / LX Laserjet IIP/IIP+/IIIP Call
92291A / NX Laserjet IIISi/45Si/4SiMX Call
92298A / EX Laserjet 4/4M/4+/4M+/5/5M/5N Call
92298X Laserjet 4/4M/4+/4M+/5/5M/5N (High Yield) Call
92274A / PX Laserjet 4L/4ML/4MP/4P Call
C3903A / VX Laserjet 5P/5MP/6MP/6P Call
C3906A / AX Laserjet 5L/5Lstra/6L/3100 (Fax Multi) Call
C3909A / WX Laserjet 5si/5siMX/8000Series Call
C3909X / WX Laserjet 5si/5siMX/8000Series High Yield Call
C3900A / BX Laserjet 4V/4MV Call
C4191A Laserjet 4500/4550 Call
C4192A Laserjet 4500 Cyan Color Call
C4193A Laserjet 4500 Magenta Color Call
C4194A Laserjet 4500 Yellow Color Call
Colour Laserjet 4600 any colour Call
Colour Laserjet 1500 / 2500 any colour Call
Colour Laserjet 2550 any colour Call


1380200/ 1380520 IBM 4019/4019E/4028/4029/Winwrite 600 Call
1380850 4039 seies Standard Yield Call
1380950 4039 seies High Yield Call
1382760 4037 / 4047 / Winwriter 400/600 Call
113R65 4317, Network Printer 17, XP17 Call
69G8256 Optra E/E+/EP/ES Call
10S0150 Optra E210 Call
12S0400 Optra E220 Call
12A8300/8400 E230/232/234 and low yield E330/332 Call
12A8350/8450 E330/332 High Yield Call
12A2202 Optra E310 Call
08A0476 E320/E322 Call
08A0478 E320/E322 High Yield Call
E321/323 Call
12A5840/5740 4069, Optra T Series, T610/612/614/616 Call
12A5845/5745 Optra T Series High Yield Call
12A0725/0825 Optra SE series Call
12A6830/6730 T520 / T522 Call
12A6835/6735 T520 / T522 High Yield Call
12A6860/6760 T620 / T622 Call
12A6865/6765 T620 / T622 High Yield Call
T630 Call
18S0090 X215 Call
1380100/150 4049/Optra L/Optra R/4039 10+ Call
1382620/1382625/1382825 4059/Optra S Call
4K00198 Optra M410/412 Call
1361210 Optra C Series Black Color Call
1361211 Optra C Series Cyan Color Call
1361212 Optra C Series Magenta Color Call
1361213 Optra C Series Yellow Color Call
Optra C710  Call

Everlasting Printing Club Members get 5% off.

Minolta / QMS

0938402 Printer SP302/Fax 2500 Call
910802 Printer SP101 Call
0927-605 SP-6 series Call
MagiColor 2 MagiColor 2 (each colour) Call
1710433 Pageworks 6 Call
1710399 Pageworks 8 Call
1710405 Pageworks 8 High Yield Call
1710398 Pageworks 18 Call
1710434 Pageworks 20 Call
1427090 SP-4X / Win Laser 400 Call


20061 Superscript 600/610/610+/640/660/660i Call
20095 Superscript 660+ Call
20008/10 Superscript 800/860 Call
20120 Superscript 870 Standard Capacity Call
20122 Superscript 870 High Capacity Call
20055LL Silentwriter II 90/95/97/1097  Call
20100 Superscript 1260 Call
20150 Superscript 1400/1450 Call
20152 Superscript 1400/1450 High Yield Call


52104201 OL400/OL800/810/830+/850 Call
52107201 OL400E/OL600E/610E/800E/810E
Okipage 6e / 6ex
52109201 OL1200 / Okipage 6N / Okipage 16N Call
52106201 Okipage 4W Call
52111701 Okipage 6W/8W Call
52109001 Okipage 10e/10i/10ex/12i Call

* No discount for toner replacement kits

KXP453 KX-4410/KX-4430/KXP-4440 toner replacement kit Call
KXP451 KX-4420 toner replacement kit Call
KXP450 KX-4450 toner replacement kit Call
UG3313 Fax UF550/560/770/880/885/895 
UG3350 Fax UF585/595 Call
UG3309 Fax UF744/UF788 Call
UG3204 Fax UF745/755 Call
UG5510 Fax UF790/DX800 Call
UG3204 Fax UF890/990 Call
A30/A15 FP820/FP830 Call
R-DP130 Workio DP130 / DP150 Call


ML-C810 Quicklaser 84/85, 6000/6100 Call
TD55 Quicklaser 510A, ML 5000/5100 Call
SF5100D3 SF5100 Call
SF5556DRTD SF5500/5600/5650 Call
ML-1210 ML 1010/1020/1210/1220/1250/1430 Call
ML-1510 ML1510 Call
ML-1710 ML 1710/1750 Call
ML-2150 ML 2150/2151/2152 Call
ML-2250 ML 2250/2251/2252 Call
ML-2550 ML 2550/2551/2552 Call
ML-4500 ML 4500/4600 Call
ML-6060 ML 1440/1450/1451/6040/6060 Call
ML-7000 ML 7000/7050/7070 / QL7000 Call
SCX4100 SCX4100 Call
SCX4216 SCX4016/4116/4216 Call
SCX4720 SCX4720 Call
CLP-500 CLP500/550 Colour Laser Call

* No discount for toner replacement kits

ZT20/30 Z20/Z30 Call
ZT50/81 Z50/Z55/Z57/Z72/Z85 Call
FO26ND AL-800/840/JX9200/UX3600M Call
AL100TD/AL1507D AL-1000/1200/1520 Call
AR152 AR151/152/153/156/157 / ARF152 Call
AR160/AR200 AL1600/1610/1620/1621/1640/1650/1670
AR330NT AR280/285/335 Call
AR400NT AR250/286/287/336/337/405/407 Call
F045ND FO4500 Call
F052NT FO4900/5200/5210/5220/5250/5300/6000/6100 Call
JX95NT JX3300/9500 Call
  SX9500 Call
FO32TD FO-3250 Call
FO35TD FO-3350 Call
UX-30TD1 UX-2500 / UX-3200 Call


6R281 4030 series Call
6R737 5201/5202/5203/5305/5306/XC351/XC355/
6R333 5222/5220/5210/5205/XC520/XC540/XC560/
6R359 5009/5307/5308/5309/5310 Call
6R343 5280/5260/5240/5008 Call
113R296 Docuprint P8E/P8EX/Workcentre 385 Call
113R95 Docuprint 4317/4517, XP17 Call
6R914 XD100/102/103/105F/120F/130DF/155DF Call
6R916 XE60/XE62/XE80/XE82/XE88 Call
113R265 Docuprint 4508 Call
6R881 XC800/820/830/1000/1020/1200 Call
106R364 Docuprint P8 Call
6R972 Workcenter Pro 16, P, FX Call
6R257 1012, 1012RE, 5012, 504 Call
6R332 5011, 5011RE Call
106R442 Docuprint P1210 Call
13R548 P12 Call
106R398 Docuprint P1202 Call
106R482 Workcenter XL2120/2130/2140 Call
113R462 Workcenter 390 Call
113R000667 Docuprint PE 16 Call
Workcenter PE 120 Call
Phaser 3150 Call
106R00461/462 Phaser 3400 Call
106R00687/688 Phaser 3450 Call

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